A Volkswagen commercial that isn't about a car

Donderdag 6 augustus 2015 — Volkswagen and Achtung have just launched a campaign for VW commercial vehicles. Only, instead of talking about VW makes and models, we focused on one of the pillars of the Volkswagen brand: reliability.

Volkswagen has been leading the commercial vehicles segment for years, and is perceived as the most qualitative brand on the market. However, at the same time the quality of service is becoming increasingly important. VW has prioritized service and the brand has defined 8 Servicepromises to ensure that the quality expected from a Volkswagen is extended beyond the car.

Entrepreneurs who own a company car want just one thing: always being able to drive. If their car stops, their business stops. An entrepreneur has to be able to help out their customers, and they can't when their car is in the shop. Volkswagen service promises to have them on the road as soon as possible without any unpleasant surprises.

Creatively, Achtung! created the "Service you aren't waiting for", a campaign that highlights the reliablity of a Volkswagen promise. When VW promises you that your car will be done by 4:00, you don't have to show up at 5:30. You can be sure you will get back on the road by 4:00. Each TV commercial highlights different situations and the expectations you are allowed to have when you own a Volkswagen.

Service waar u niet op zit te wachten: "4 uur"

Service waar u niet op zit te wachten: "Nu"

Service waar u niet op zit te wachten: "een uur"