Porsche campaign proves addictiveness with scientific paper

Porsche campaign proves addictiveness with scientific paper

For its next brand campaign, Porsche chooses an uncommon way to show the difference in emotional response of driving in a Porsche compared to an average car. With the help of neuroscientific research, Porsche shows that driving a Porsche gives our brains a stimulus that is characteristic of addiction.

For decades, Porsche has been building uncommon cars for uncommon people. People who do not simply want a car to get from A to B, but who want every drive to be something special. What makes driving a Porsche exceptional? In a continuation of Porsche’s brand campaign, ACHTUNG!, WeFilm and Neurensics set out to capture this visceral, intangible feeling of driving a Porsche and to find out whether the emotional reaction to a Porsche can be addictive.

In a neurological research, performed by Prof. Dr. Victor Lamme from the faculty of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam, 21 Porsche-drivers were shown short films of a similar driving experience in different cars, including Porsche. They were also shown several stimuli known for activating addictive behavior. The results indicate that the positive emotion that occurs when seeing a Porsche stimulates the Nucleus Accumbens, the pleasure area in our brain. 

Driving in a Porsche causes brain activity that is characteristic of addiction. Compared to other cars, the anticipation of driving a Porsche stimulates a positive emotion in the test subjects’ brain. “This suggests that a Porsche can be an addictive stimulus, you can potentially get addicted to driving a Porsche” said Prof. Dr. Lamme.

In a previous campaign by ACHTUNG!, a drive in a Porsche was compared to other adrenaline rushing experiences like flying in a fighter jet or facing a tiger. The addiction study is the latest in a series of experiments with the goal of quantifying what precisely makes Porsche Uncommon.

Prof. Dr. Victor Lamme: “What makes this study interesting, is that we examined the experience of a specific product. From those results we investigate in how far that experience is addictive. That is what makes this study unique.”

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